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TerraTokes Bamboo Bong
TerraTokes Bamboo Bong
TerraTokes Bamboo Bong
TerraTokes Bamboo Bong
TerraTokes Bamboo Bong
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Pre-Order the world's first sustainable, all-natural, bamboo bong. The product will be shipped to you at the end of December.
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Product Information

Product Description

Sourced from deep within natural bamboo forests, this bong was builtusing gifts from the earth.Our mission is to reconnect people and nature through sustainable andhealthier smoking products.Rediscover your Zen with TOKYOTOKES.




120 degrees


2448 x 2448 pixels per eye


560 grams


Magnesium alloy, plastic



What's Included

A Gift from the Earth
The first sustainable bong of its kind

Easy Assembly

Each component of the bong has been carefully crafted to enhance the smoking experience

  • Shatterproof

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Ethically Manufacture

  • Fire and Water Resistant
  • Portable

  • Biodegradable



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Is the product eco-friendly?

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What is the Carbon Footprint of this Product?

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Where is the bamboo sourced from? 

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